Food, Incorporated

August 24, 2010

IMDB rating 7.9 (at the time of writing)

“While Food, Inc. is a difficult film to watch in spots, its message
is clear and loud: Americans’ food is poisoning them.”

Read more at Suite101: Food, Inc. – Review of the 2009 Documentary

“Food, Inc. was not an easy film to make as the filmmakers were denied
access to numerous American industrialized factories and farms.”

“Forget buckets of blood. Nothing says horror like one of those tubs
of artificially buttered, nonorganic popcorn at the concession stand.
That, at least, is one of the unappetizing lessons to draw from one of
the scariest movies of the year, “Food, Inc.,”  an informative, often
infuriating activist documentary about the big business of feeding or,
more to the political point, force-feeding, Americans all the junk
that multinational corporate money can buy. ”



April 9, 2009

A particular branch in my academic genealogy:-

Euler -> Lagrange -> Fourier -> Dirichlet -> Lipschitz -> Klein -> William Story -> Solomon  Lefschetz -> Albert Tucker -> Marvin Minsky -> Manuel Blum -> Umesh Vazirani -> Sanjeev Arora -> Subhash Khot -> Preyas Popat (in the future, hopefully)

I can feel the burden on my shoulders.